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About the connected house 2.0 Cookbook

The Connected house 2.0 is a game-changer on how we look at the connected home. It focuses on the integration of smart objects for the home from various vendors and combines them into a high-performant system for your house.

Why does your house need an integration strategy?

Our lives and homes are becoming more and more complex. The average household has 11 or more connected devices. 1 out of 4 has a voice assistant that is used on a daily basis. Adoption for connected products has increased spectacular since the advent of these voice assistants because they add a human interface to them.


But voice assistants touch just one specific aspect, namely only the ability to control your devices via voice, they don’t allow you to integrate to all the other devices and services in our world.

By 2025 there will be more than 46 billion devices connected to the Internet. The challenge of integrating them into our lives and into our homes is growing by the minute.

So what is your integration strategy?

This book can help you define your integration strategy for your home. Unlike the existing monolithic systems, this book is based on a system-of-systems architecture to enable a best-of-breed solution for today and tomorrow.

Almost everything in this book already exists, but the information is scattered all over the internet. I have tried to merge some of them into a single source. The book is conceived as a cookbook, with ingredients as a source of information and recipes that make the book concrete and practical. I hope you will enjoy this cookbook!

About me


Peter Leemans is an entrepreneur, that is passionate about technology and the way it can change our daily lives. He has been active in the ICT sector for over  25 years. In 2013 he founded AllThingsTalk, a technology company with the desire to bring the Internet-of-Things (IoT) to the people. With this book, Peter wants to share his vision on the connected house and show how I(o)T can bring value to our world.


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