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The Connected House 2.0

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Hello all,

During the last 7 years, I had a lot of discussions with people talking about IoT and was really surprised how many of those that were experimenting with some kind of home project or dreamt about it.

A decade ago, building a connected home was still a real challenge but today with an explosion of connected devices and tools available, it is actually quite easy to build your own. The sensors are typically 'low-cost' and a lot of services are 'open-source'. When talking to people about their home project, I noticed that although everything is available on the internet, most people do not know how to start and where to look for. This triggered me to bundle my knowledge together in a book. As I didn't want it to become just a reading book only, I thought of the concept of a 'cookbook' where the technical stuff is explained and concrete recipes which you can 'cook' for yourself are included.

'The Connected House 2.0 has been compiled as a cookbook explaining a system of systems architecture based on open-source soft- and hardware

with more than 25 recipes to build your own connected house'

This resulted in my first book called the 'Connected House 2.0 Cookbook' which I am proud to present to you today and will soon be available. A summary of the content can be found here and you can already pre-register for it. By pre-registering, you are in front of the queue to receive the book and you will receive regular updates on the Connected House 2.0!

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