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Connecting Sonos Smart Speakers

Updated: May 7, 2020

Time to cook: 30min

Difficulty: +++++

Sonos is a popular brand of smart, connected, wireless speakers. What makes them different from old-fashioned wired speakers is that you don't need the wires. You just plug them into power and they work. The way they work is by creating a custom Wi-Fi network — called a Sonosnet — in your home.

Sonos speakers support Apple’s AirPlay 2. With the AirPlay 2 functionality, you can stream your favorite music from your mobile in one or more rooms.

Recently, Sonos partnered with the Swedish furniture manufacturer Ikea. resulting in an entry level Sonos bookshelf speaker and table lamp, under the name Symfonisk.

Let’s look how we can integrate the Sonos ‘connected’ speakers within our connected home beyond the AirPlay functionality



  • Sonos One


  • Execute the Smart HUB recipe


  • Nihil

The Building Plan

Installing the Sonos Binding

First we need to install the Sonos Binding on our openHAb HUB.

  • open PaperUI

  • Goto Add-ons -> Bindings

  • Search for the Sonos Binding

  • Click install

Adding your Sonos Devices

To add a new Sonos device:

  • open PaperUI

  • Goto Configuration -> Things

  • Click the + sign

  • Select the Sonos Binding, Wait until the device has been found.

  • Click the device to add it as a ‘Thing’ in openHAB

  • Click ‘Add as Thing’

Note: Sonos devices are discovered through UPnP in the local network and all devices are put in the Inbox. Beware that all Sonos devices have to be added to the local Sonos installation as described in the Sonos setup procedure, e.g. through the Sonos Controller software or smartphone app.

Using your Sonos Device

When you have added your Sonos Smart Speakers, they will appear in the Control Section of your Smart HUB.

In another recipe we will show how you can select your favorite radio station and control the volume using an IKEA Tradfri Remote Control!

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