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Visualize the energy consumption

Updated: May 4, 2020

Time to cook: 60min

Difficulty: +++++

This recipe shows how you can use Node-RED to build a rich User Interface to monitor the energy consumption of an appliance. It builds further on the previous recipe ‘WiFi connected switch & energy monitoring’ which uses the Sonoff POW device to measure the energy consumption. Besides the Sonoff POW, you could consider using other devices such as the Z-wave Smart Plug to measure the energy consumption of equipment connected to the Plug.

The result of the recipe is a bar-graph visualization of the power consumption which is accessible via a browser and which fits nicely on a mobile device.



  • Sonoff POW R2



  • Nihil



If you are not familiar with Node-Red, please read the Node-Red section in chapter 2 (Ingredients) first of the connected house 2.0 cookbook. To Visualize the energy consumption we are going to make use of a special node ‘Bar-chart-data’ which has been specially designed to handle meter readings and calculates the sum, min, max or average in a customizable time range.

The x-asses can be configured to show data in intervals of seconds, minutes, quarter-hour, hours, days, years and you can specify how many bars should be displayed.

Example: x-interval=hours, x-size=24 : 24 bars, each 1 hour. That means that the last 24 hours will be displayed

This formatted data can then be fed into a chart node which is part of the popular dashboard nodes.

The flow is quite straightforward, an example is given below.

The example shows 3 graphs. The first with a monthly view for the last 12 months. The second with a day view for the last 7 days and a third with an hourly view for the last 12 hrs.

The Building plan

Adding the ‘Bar-chart-data’ nodes

As a first step we are going to add the Bar-chart-data nodes to our Node-RED environment. The bar-chart-data node can be downloaded from the following location:

  • Login to your Node-RED environment

  • In the upper right menu, select manage palette

  • Click on the Install tab

  • in the search field, enter bar-chart-data

  • Select the node-red-contrib-dashboard-bar-chart-data node

  • click install

When successful, the following node is added to the dashboard node collection:

Uploading the flow

next, upload the example flow:

energy consumption flow
Download ZIP • 2KB

The data is retrieved from an openhab2-in node. This node Listens to state changes of a selected openHAB Item. The item used from the Sonoff pow is the ‘Energy Total’

Note: Alternative, you could use an MQTT node to retrieve the data directly from the MQTT topic

The bar-chart configuration for the monthly representation is configured as follows:

Make sure the ‘Meter Reading’ setting is set to true and the Aggregated by setting to sum. The node will automatically device the readings and format the data usable for a bar-graph.

Next, the data is output to a chart node, which is configured as follows:

The result is shown in the image below:

The title on top is built using a text dashboard node.

This recipe demonstrates how you can build an energy consumption graph using Node-RED and visualise the energy consumption on an hourly, daily and monthly basis. By combining the graphs one can follow the trend of the energy consumption for a certain home-appliance.

In the example above, the Sonoff is used to measure the energy consumption of a fridge.

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