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Why your house needs an integration strategy

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Our lives and houses get more and more complex. The average household has 11 or more connected devices. 1 of 4 has a voice assistant which is used on a daily basis. The adoption for connected products has increased spectacular since the arrival of these voice assistants as they provide a human interface to control them. But voice assistants only get you so far, as they don’t allow you to connect to all the other devices and services in our world and let them interact with each other.

By 2025 there will be over 46 Billion Internet connected devices. The challenge to integrate them into our lives and homes gets bigger by the minute.

So what is your integration strategy?

This book can help set out your integration strategy for your house. In contrast to the monolithic systems out there, it is based on a system-of-systems architecture to facilitate a best-of-breed solution for today and tomorrow.

Almost everything in this book already exists, but the information is scattered all over the internet. I tried to compile a few of them into a single source. The Connected house 2.0 is a game changer on how we look at home automation. It focuses on the integration of different systems, each of them bringing value to our world.

The book has been developed as a cookbook, covering ingredients as a source of information and recipes making it concrete and practical.

Click on the book below to have a preview on the content of my book and you can already pre-register for it using the button below. By pre-registering, you are in front of the queue to receive the book and you will get regular updates on the Connected House 2.0!

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